A New Year of Health & Exercise!

We all feel it- the amazing sensation of hope and motivation that comes with welcoming a NEW Year!

Our slate is wiped clean, we set goals for a better tomorrow and try to finally kick our bad habits for good. How can you keep the momentum going and stay motivated into February? Look no further than my video clip series, “Live from New York City: Restorative Fusion” to help kick start 2012!

Restorative Fusion exercises are focused on restoring the way your body is meant to move in every day, real life situations, and keeping body machinery in excellent working order for as long as possible.


The video on this page demonstrates how simple Restorative Fusion multitasking, combining arm movements with a thigh squat, can work the upper & lower body in a time effective exercise. While you stabilize and balance your body using your core with the large ball behind your back, you are also simultaneously squeezing the smaller ball between your inner thighs, enhancing inner thigh strength. This restorative exercise places a lot of emphasis on balance, requiring the body to activate smaller stabilizer muscles not traditionally used in other exercises.

In another variation, multi-tasking with the dynaband pull while squeezing your shoulders together strengthens your biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back muscles. The deep abdominal muscles are strengthened as well, as they work to maintain your balance on the ball.

Need some added motivation? Research has proven that exercising for just 20 minutes a day can increase your metabolism and shape up your body!