“Sharon is a delight to work with and is determined to keep my body in top shape to continue to paint! She adds music, humor and exacting therapeutic exercises to keep me interested in my exercise programs. Sharon works with my Physician, Dr. Sculco, informing his team at Hospital for Special Surgery of all my progress. I am grateful to have Sharon in my life for 15 years and she keeps me strong, flexible and happy!”

Helen Frankenthaler, Artist

New York Abstract Expressionist, Client for 15 years

“Sharon expertly resolves complex and sensitive issues while exhibiting premium service of knowledge and patience! She placed together an expert team of specialist’s in occupational therapy, cranial sacral therapy, deep tissue massage and acupuncture to create a total care environment for me to heal after an aneurysm. The team reported detailed notes of my therapeutic direction to my Doctor’s and Mount Sinai team. She was empathetic, creative and gave me inventive therapeutic exercises for my total recovery. I am now walking again and riding my horses!”

Dr. Carlin Vickery, MD

Surgeon, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC, Client for 14 years

“Sharon’s inventive approach never cease to surprise and encourage me! We blended my love of Boxing into our routine with inventive therapeutic exercises which address all my musculoskeletal issues. I have been able to heal and regain complete mobility from my stroke! She coaxes the most out of me in every session with humor and skill. Sharon’s rational analysis of exercise science keeps things effective. She also added Art and Music Therapy to keep my sessions tailored to my taste. She has surprised me on Zoom to continue our delightful sessions of exercise.”

Dr. Jay Melzer, MD, Nephology

Fully Recovered Left Side, Stroke Care Program, Current Boards of Hospitals & Grand Rounds, 93 Years old, Client for 10 years

“Sharon motivates her clients using a creative exercise program that is not only enjoyable but incredibly efficient! She incorporates a unique blend of modalities into her sessions; her passion for movement, knowledge, and concern for her clients’ health and success are clearly evident. She provides an individually tailored, safe and supportive exercise program for a wide range of ages and abilities.”

Jane Gaitanis, OTTP/OTR/L, SC

Beth Israel Hospital, NYC, Private Practice, NYC

”Sharon inspires people to reach a higher level of recovery than is sometimes possible with physical therapy alone. She demonstrates energy, devotion and creativity with her ‘Restorative Movement Method’. I have known Sharon professionally for 8 years, and I am continually impressed by her ability to motivate people! She has become a valuable complement to my practice. Her range of techniques and lively, engaging personality make her versatile in helping a wide range of physical problems. I have confidence in her judgement and am impressed with her screening process. I admire her ability and commitment to her training methods and recommend her frequently to my patients.”

Dr. Susana Duncan, MD, Specialist

NYU Hospital, Private Practice NYC & London

“Sharon’s new Zoom Private Classes are a joy to take! She is supportive with exact corrections on every level.”

“Sharon developed an Equestrian Rider’s Fitness Program designed to help me with my competitive dressage and cross country events. I’m so grateful that she was recommended by my occupational therapists at Mt. Sinai for shoulder and wrist movement therapy. Her programs are a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Equestrian exercises, balance boards, weights, elastic bands, and myofascial release on the foam roller and balls to release my tight muscles. Together we weave programs that change frequently according to my competitive needs. Her dedication to constantly learning new techniques challenges me and keeps our sessions vibrant and informative! I highly recommend Sharon for all your restorative and functional fitness needs.”

Dr. Carlin Vickery, MD

Micro Surgeon, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC

“Sharon keeps our sessions fun and fast moving so that exercise is never a burden. As a result of her skillful fusion of Pilates Mat, Yoga, foam rollers , therapy knee work, and walking/biking programs, I have lost thirty five pounds during the 12 years that we have worked together. I have watched many of my friends experience knee pain and related ailments, while my once aching knees have gotten stronger through Sharon’s exercises. Sharon has indeed inspired me to pursue new levels of fitness!”

Margeret Cannella, Senior Vice President, Foreign Investments

Morgan Stanley, NYC, Client for 12 years

“Sharon revises my routine often to encourage me to achieve continuous improvement. I started working with Sharon to strengthen my knees- they were aching despite the fact that I’m only in my 40′s. Sharon developed a customized program to eliminate my knee pain at first, then to improve my stamina, balance, strength, and flexibility. I enthusiastically recommend Sharon to friends at every opportunity!”

Elaine Francolino, CFO

Moody’s Investments, NYC

“Sharon knows how push me to the limit while being mindful of my injuries through her use of Yoga, Pilates Mat, ball work, weights and lots of good humor! One of the criteria I used in choosing a Movement Therapist and Functional Fitness Expert was that she be motivational, as I HATE to exercise! Guess what? I still hate to work out but Sharon gets me through it every time with laughter. I have battled various MS symptoms such as loss of balance and muscle control, but in the six years we have worked together, she gets me right back on track. In short, I recommend Sharon to everyone!

Liz Karlan, Chief Accountant

CBGB Nightclub, NYC, Client for 6 years

“My husband & I work in tandem with Sharon using a challenging combination of Yoga, Pilates, core fusion, balance, back care and foam roller exercises.Sharon has developed the ‘Restorative Movement Method’ to restore, strengthen and enhance the musculoskeletal structure of our bodies. Our physical therapists recommended her for both of us since she integrates the disciplines of therapy with fitness techniques. Sharon addresses our muscular imbalances with a diverse fusion of therapeutic exercises, and she is able to simultaneously address our individual issues. She even created a ski program before our vacation to ensure our safety with our knees and backs. We highly recommend her for your fitness and therapeutic needs! We transferred over to her Zoom Live classes and she’s just as exacting as in person! She teaches classes for our whole family together which added a lot of joy and laughter into our family exercise time!”

Chris and Alan V.

Attorneys, Clients for 12 years

“I have worked with Sharon for four years on back strengthening, sciatica issues, knee strengthening and neck, arm and back stretches, and as a result, I am back on the golf course! In early November I suffered acute sciatica involving my lower back as well as knee pain. My doctor highly recommended Sharon for Restorative Fitness and Functional Training. I am a very active man in my late 70′s and I wanted to get back to playing golf , which is one of my biggest passions. Sharon is a delightful, positive personality who really inspires people. She is patient, and an excellent teacher who has encouraged me to take charge of my health!”

Ted Williams, President

Bank of New York, Investments Sector, Client for 12 years

“Sharon’s creative therapy exercises for my knees kept me walking smoothly and efficiently! She was able to keep me engaged and interested in all her diverse exercise techniques. The stress reduction program saved me when I was writing my books and traveling extensively! She is a dedicated professional who I can always depend on to keep my health on track!”

Felix Rohatyn, Managing Director

US Ambassador to France, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC Investment, Client for 8 years

“I use Sharon to stay strong plus keep my back in great shape. She inventively adds lively world beat music which keeps me going and does not allow me to give up! Her cheerful determination and exacting musculoskeletal knowledge keeps me feeling secure we are always on the right track! I look forward to my therapy sessions now and never know what she will add to challenge me. My Doctors are very pleased at my healthier life due to Sharon Frazier!”

Jim Rosenquist, Artist

POP Artist Worldwide, Client for 8 years

“Sharon reinvented her technique on Zoom Live to include a fantastic and creative version of her One to One classes on Zoom!
We find them diverse,  always interesting and most therapeutic. She helps our backs stay strong and flexible though a variety of techniques. Her cheerful, positive attitude during this time greatly cheered up and kept us on target! We never missed our sessions due her Zoom live and FaceTime diligence even when we dropped the phone. We are in great shape in our 80’s with Therapeutic Yoga, BARRE, Foam Rollers and Pilates Mat!”

John & Ann P., Writers, Readers Digest, Book Authors

Clients for 15 years

“Sharon blends my programs to suit my different needs for that day with great fun! She includes diverse music for BARRE class, shoulder therapy with bands, Yoga and even Latin dance! Recently, I am learning boxing moves in Central Park and Pilates outdoors in Sheep’s Meadow, all social distance approved! She is always safe in preparing my body for each program of exercise. I finish my exercises feeling invigorated and full of lighthearted fun! Her Zoom live classes are great  and are tailored to my particular needs. This week went to Central Park with gloves, mask and social distancing. I do a full Pilates Routine & BARRE class in Sheep’s Meadow – how delightful to exercise around the trees!”

Ms. Lynne Charnay

Actor, Singer, Broadway Star, “Don’t Tell Mama Cabaret”, 95 Years old - still performing

“Her most recent private One to One classes on Zoom Live  provide exacting and very precise corrections.”


Beth Israel Hospital, NYC

“Sharon has co-led a weekly bilingual exercise group in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dept. at Beth Israel Hospital. This program was designed for women and emphasized range of motion, balance, postural awareness, and core stabilization. Sharon’s creative exercises and vibrant, positive personality were instrumental in the success of this program. Her fluency in Spanish was critical for the natural flow of the group, and she was able to empower & inspire the group to engage in regular exercise, which served as a critical component in their healing process!”

Alyssa F., M.S., OTR/L

Beth Israel Hospital, NYC, Private Practice, NYC

“I have referred Sharon to my patients and we developed a mind-body connection blending therapeutic exercise programs with traditional therapy for effective life healing elements.”

“In the 10 years that I have worked with Sharon, she has improved my stamina and helped to relieve my migraine headaches by incorporating movement therapy, dance, traditional work out techniques and physical therapy in our sessions. She has even encouraged me to change my diet, and review my eating habits with a nutritionist. I have referred Sharon to many of my patients and friends. I feel she is a truly talented healer and I am grateful to have her in my life!”

Dr. Antoinette Wyszynski , MD, Psychiatry

Psychiatry, NYU Medical Center, NYC Psychoanalytic Institute, NYC Partner for 10 years, Mind/Body Connection

”In our sessions, Sharon modifies and combines Yoga, Advanced Pilates Mat, foam roller & ball rolling release – she makes me feel as though I can do it all! She really keeps me moving, motivated, and constantly learning new techniques- laughing all the way! She knows how to safely attend to my sensitive knee areas and make my knees stronger. I am extremely flexible & fit because of our work together over the last 7 years.”

Elizabeth Hubbard, Television Star

Daytime Emmy 4x “Days of Our Lives”, Client for 7 years

“Sharon uses music, dance movements, Yoga postures, Pilates, light weights, foam rollers, stretches and lots of laughter- and the results have been so positive! She has joined me at my Physical Therapist’s office to ensure we would work together in creating the perfect home program for me. Over the past 10 years, she has created a unique fitness routine for me that is precise, well-rounded and fun!”

Cynthia Johnson, Habitat For Humanity Activist

Public Speaker, NYC, Client for 10 years

“Sharon’s fusion of many different exercise styles works! She has motivated me to achieve a much higher level of fitness than I ever thought possible. I can never anticipate what she will plan for me and we have great fun during our sessions. Her wonderful brand of movement therapy keeps my knees healthy and strong for masters tennis & biking. Recently I had a shoulder issue, and she has worked in tandem with my Physical Therapist to create the perfect home strengthening program. She has even joined us for the therapy sessions to ensure that my home program was done correctly after discharge. I have been working with Sharon over 15 years and I am in the best shape of my life!”

Robert Rosenkrantz, President

Adelphi Company, NYC, Client for 15 years

“Sharon and I start outdoors with the jump rope, boxing or Capoeira routines, and continue with weights, sit ups, push-ups, and Yoga. We also add the foam roller for my back and knee exercises to increase the strength in my legs. Sharon developed therapy exercises for my knees which were injured as a catcher in minor league baseball. My knees are so much stronger and I do not experience the pain or discomfort I had in the past. I have a new lease on an active life! I was very overweight due to my sedentary lifestyle, but now through diet and Sharon’s creative touch, I have lost 25 pounds. I am a new man!”

Mike Ziegler, CFO

Client for 12 years

“She has now been my Movement Therapist for over 15 years and really keeps my back in prime shape. She most recently added her precise teaching on Zoom live which I enjoy very much! Sharon’s all around approach has helped my balance, improved my strength and allowed me to resume a completely active physical life that includes softball, basketball, bicycling, hiking and swimming! She was recommended to me by my doctor when I was seriously considering back surgery and my condition was not being helped by traditional methods. Within a few months, I was pain free and no longer considering surgery! She has now been my Movement Therapist for over 4 years. Her dedication to new information and techniques keep our sessions vibrant. I recommend Sharon to all my clients, friends and employees.”

Howard Newman, Partner

PineBrook Partners, NYC, Client for 15 years